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May 20, 2022 • Tony Ly
Phu Tho Province

Vo Mieu and Dich Qua towns in Thanh Son District – Phu Tho Province are located in the Northeast region. These areas are where many old people live by themselves. Lives there are dependent on growing rice and tea despite difficult weather conditions. ...
May 19, 2022 • Tony Ly
Son La Province

Going through many dangerous mountain terrains, we came to Suoi Bau Commune, Phu Yen District, Son La Province where 448 poor families live scattered in the mountains, almost them are Mong ethnic people. The houses are built from natural materials such as bamboo and palm leaves, in the rainy season, ...
May 18, 2022 • Tony Ly
Dien Bien Province

Phin Ho Commune – Nam Po District – Dien Bien Province This commune located adjacent to the border has a poverty rate of 53.08%. Because of climate changes and severe weather conditions caused by long-lasting colds, floods, crop failure and devaluation, or livestock flu make the economy unstable and affected ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
The Children in Quang Tri: Cheng Village

The children here often go barefoot. They also have dark skin and are from the Van Kieu and Pako ethnic groups. Unlike many other families who have milk and bread to eat every day, children here don’t get much. They only eat rice with a few dried fish and wild ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
Celebrating Mid- Autumn Fest with People in Daklak

Because they live in the deepest commune in Daklak Province, the children are deprived of everything, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival. They cannot wear new clothes to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival parties like many other children. But they still have to follow their parents to the fields and work. ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
Sai Gon Post Pandemic

Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest city in Vietnam with a high population. Due to the covid virus, the city was locked down for a long time. People were not allowed to move and could only stay at home. Infected people died at home. That ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
A Warm Welcome from Nguyen Khuyen School

This is a high school, with a high percentage of students in poverty, located in the center of the commune. Although the children are very eager to learn, because of their poverty and the bad climate, they are often affected by storms which greatly impact their education! We were very ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
The Ethnic Students in Pham Hong Thai Primary School

As a primary school for children of ethnic minorities such as the Ede, Tay, Nung ethnic groups. The school is located deep in the deserted streets, between the arid land and the hot sun. Children are deprived both physically and mentally. So when we handed out the packages we wanted ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
Second Time is NOT always a charm

We went back for the 2nd time since our last visit last 2019, because we really think that this place really needs attention. The situation of the people is very pitiful. There are many children who also need help. Because this is a remote area, very few people know about ...
May 12, 2022 • Tony Ly
Community Reach-out at Nguyen Du Primary School

Nguyen Du Primary School, Cuprao Town, Madrak District – DakLak Province, January 28, 2021 This is an elementary school with students whose families are living under the poverty line. The school was formerly wooden and was built recently. Although living in difficult circumstances, the children study very well. They obediently ...
It is not important how much we give,
but how much love we put into giving.
It is not important how much we give,
but how much love we put into giving.

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