Bring Gifts To The Mountains

Tony Ly

May 11, 2022

Huong Linh commune is a mountainous community with special difficulties in Huong Hoa district, mainly Van Kieu ethnic group and Pa Ko ethnic group, people living on precarious roofs on the cliffs, living a very inactive life.

The far distance and obstacles of the road to the commune did not stop TMT Foundation’s visit. Though we came a little bit late, the residents welcomed us with a very happy and excited face. They waited patiently and in a very orderly manner. They also actively interacted with us prior to lining up and receiving the gifts we brought for them. They have a very good sense and attitude. Leaving in our hearts a lot of positive emotions! The children were very happy because they were given new school bags and slippers. It was so cute to see them spread their arms and ask for candy!