Dien Bien Province

Tony Ly

May 18, 2022

Phin Ho Commune – Nam Po District – Dien Bien Province

This commune located adjacent to the border has a poverty rate of 53.08%.

Because of climate changes and severe weather conditions caused by long-lasting colds, floods, crop failure and devaluation, or livestock flu make the economy unstable and affected people’s lives.

Their houses stay on the high mountain slopes, since the mode of transportation is only by walking, and they have to go to the fields from early morning to midnight. Most of them have no income so they grow crops such as rice, corn, potatoes, and cassava…to eat but also have to suffer crop failure which worsens all their situations.

TMT Foundation will bring our gift packages including rice, noodles, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar, soap,… for the people here in June of this summer. Join us and follow our steps in this project next month!