Help Central Vietnam Rise Above Poisoned Waters!

Tony Ly

April 21, 2022

1. People’s Committee of Thuan An Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province, June 25, 2016
There was a time prior to the world having Covid 19 that physical contact was an awesome way to express concern. We handed gifts directly to the people in this district. We can see how happy and grateful the people were for the gifts given by TMT Foundation.

I think we could understand how even from the smallest presents, they were very ecstatic because, as a community living mainly by fishing, the mass fish deaths caused people to temporarily lose their main income, making people’s lives even more difficult!

most people are very happy and appreciate the gift of TMT Foundation, there are many people who have received gifts but still do not want to return because they appreciate the love of the TMT Foundation for them!

2. Long Tho Temple, June 25, 2016

As a place that takes care of orphans and disabled children, each child has a different and worrisome situation. Upon giving the food we brought as gifts, hands began to tremble as the children received what we gave. We couldn’t help but feel the emotion too. Tears suddenly fell, even without knowing it, each time we hand over a package to a child. However, we could feel how the children wanted to light up the mood by cracking jokes with us. That memory was truly funny and lovely.

3. Sponsor of poor, studious students Phu Thuong (Phu Thuong town, Phu Vang, Thua Thien – Hue), June 25, 2016

It is a place that regularly takes care of 35 to 40 students who are either orphans, living under poverty line, or have extremely difficult family circumstances. The children are raised and sent to school for free, from 6th grade to 12th grade. Each child has their own characteristics, good and bad, silly, cute, but all the ladies here are satisfied. We feel sorry for them when they have difficult life situations but they all study very well.

Bringing 40 good bikes, this place welcomed us very attentively. The children made art and participate in other fun activities with us. When they left, they also come to the car to shake hands with us before we took off! We felt the warmest and happiest goodbyes ever!

4. Huong Linh Commune, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province, June 26, 2016

Huong Linh commune is a mountainous community with special difficulties in Huong Hoa district, mainly Van Kieu ethnic group and Pa Ko ethnic group, people living on precarious roofs on the cliffs, living a very inactive life.

The far distance and obstacles of the road to the commune did not stop TMT Foundation’s visit. Though we came a little bit late, the residents welcomed us with a very happy and excited face They waited patiently and in a very orderly manner. They also actively interacted with us prior to lining up and receiving the gifts we brought for them. They have a very good sense and attitude. Leaving in our hearts a lot of positive emotions! The children were very happy because they were given new school bags and slippers, it was so cute to see them spread their arms and ask for candy!

5. Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province, 8:00AM on July 27, 2016- (200 parts in Ky Xuan District), 10:30AM on 27/07/2016 (200 parts in Ky Thuong District)

As a district with a lot of people who lives by fishing, when the influence of mass fish deaths occurred, their lives are extremely negatively affected. Though we have to move to 3 different places just in one day, the people’s eagerness and happiness prevailed. We surely never get tired of meeting and giving gifts to people especially those who are feeling extremely happy!