Lunar New Year at Daklak, Vietnam

Tony Ly

February 11, 2022

TMT Foundation’s Tet Charity Project for the less fortunate mountain people of Daklak, Viet Nam

On January 27, 2021, our TMT Foundation team traveled all the way to Dakak, VN to share the love with 1000 families for the Lunar New Year.

This region has regular droughts and prolonged rain floods making the mountain people’s lives extremely difficult day in and out. In recent years, the mountain people have had bad crop seasons causing even more difficulty in their livelihoods.

We will be passing out over 1000+ gift packages including rice bags, oil, sugar, salt, fish sauce box of noodles for adults and book, bags, school supplies, and snacks for young kids in the mountain province of Daklak, Vietnam.

Thank you so much to all our amazing friends, families, and donors who joined us to give back.