Nothing is stopping us from going to Gia Lai Province

Tony Ly

May 12, 2022

This is a commune in a remote area of Gia Lai province, a land that has suffered many bombs and bullets of war. Mainly the Ba Na ethnic people live here. The road to this place is extremely difficult. In fact, we needed a trailer to pull us because we can’t move due to the deep swamp. But when we reached the place, the people were extremely warm and affectionate. The children were active because they received new bags and some school supplies. The people were happy when they were given food. They confessed and shared that life in their place is very difficult. After receiving the gifts, they don’t want to leave yet. They showcased their traditional dances to show off the beauty of their culture. Although lacking in material things, they showed that they are rich in love. Surrounding the bonfire they lit, they danced together with our team. They even let us taste their special cuisines such as grilled chicken with lam rice, boiled cassava, sole wine and many more. It was truly a trip. plenty of emotion!