Outreach in Daklak Province

Tony Ly

May 12, 2022

Cu Prao commune in M’Drak district, Dak Lak province is a purely agricultural community. They mainly produce short-term agricultural crops such as sugarcane, beans, cassava, maize, etc. It is a place in one of the most remote areas in Daklak Province. Every year, it often rains for a long time, causing serious crop damage. When this happens, people often lose their incomes which leaves children lacking in many things. Schools are far from home. Roads and bridges are often flooded during winter. This situation often affects the children of the Ede, Tay, Nung ethnic groups.

We were squeezed into a space of more than a thousand people, but they were all very excited and looking forward to receiving TMT FOUNDATION’s gifts. Innocent smiles on the faces of children who are still in need are truly an inspiration. Everything, both material and spiritual, left many imprints in our hearts.