Post-war stories from Leper Village in Gia Lai Province

Tony Ly

May 12, 2022

They are the people with leprosy caused by left over- poison from the war. Each family has different levels of illness, different joys and sorrows, and different misfortunes. But they all share the same poverty, difficulty, sadness, and suffering. Even their descendants, who are completely healthy, cannot escape the reality of what this disease affects.

Looking forward to the event, people showed up very early. Amidst the fact that they have disabilities, their optimistic spirit is phenomenal. Additionally, there was also a box of candy we gave out to their children to double the fun! The children are mostly barefoot with old and dirty clothes. Hoping to visit again and give new sets of clothes for them.

Just like us, ordinary, normal people, they too have the same desires as us. They want to live a normal life; study and understand things; interact with others, and have a family. But now, given the situation, these still remain a dream.