Pray for Central Vietnam

Tony Ly

February 11, 2022

Our beloved country specifically Central Vietnam being hit with historic flooding.

Two storms that hit central Vietnam in the first two weeks of October 2020 are Storm Linfa and Storm Nangka brought six times higher than average rainfall, flooding and forcing 90,000 people to evacuate their homes. Tens of thousands of people in central Vietnam have experienced unimaginable losses from this disaster. The land is still underwater, rain, and heavy storm as many are still seeking food, shelter, and refuge.

We are hoping to raise awareness and to start a fundraising project where we can be able to share some love for the people in Central Vietnam to survive this catastrophe.

We raised money to provide 3000+ care packages for the affected families of Central Vietnam including Hue, Quang Tri, and Quang Binh.

We know that alone we can do little but together we can get through this.