Struggle Stories from Quang Tri Province

Tony Ly

May 12, 2022

As a remote community in the area of Quang Tri province, which suffered heavy damage from floods and rains, the people here were almost isolated during the flood season. Traveling back and forth to the area became a predicament because the bridges and roads were completely affected by the heavy flood.

People here were forced to live in a very difficult situation. They had to eat leftover and moldy rice just to satisfy the hunger. There was not enough decent food. The worst part is, the majority is the elderly population! Children were unable to go to school because the school building itself was also damaged by the flood. However, they still live on stilts precariously in the hills without knowing about the danger that may come at any time.

People have to walk 4 hours just to claim the gifts we prepared because the road has been eroded and divided by floods! But they were still present in large numbers and were very happy when they received relief gifts. We wish we could have given more.