Thai Nguyen Province

Tony Ly

May 21, 2022

There are more than 400 people with disabilities who are living in Thai Nguyen City and Song Cong City which are located in the Northern Midlands.

Roads are being developed but there are still many places which are still having difficulties because of the mountainous terrain.

Economic status is also low as reflected by deteriorated literacy levels.

The lives of the people in this area, especially those who have disabilities are much affected by natural disasters, sickness, poverty, etc., and is worsen by the Covid 19 pandemic.

They thrive to survive every day. They earn a living with what they have, not always thinking of their disabilities. However, the stability of their income is not guaranteed.

They also depend on the support of the community. Most of them are women raising their children by themselves, or taking care of the elderly or other children who also have disabilities who need special care but are living without income.