The Viet Kieu Village in Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh

Tony Ly

May 12, 2022

Seeing the TMT FOUNDATION’s car, both children and adults sitting in small shacks hurriedly ran to the gathering place to line up and get their gifts. Our help came at a good time.

Ta Do village is also known as the “Viet Kieu” village that Tay Ninh people call. They have lived in Cambodia for many years. They live on the river and cannot afford to buy a fixed piece of land. They are only temporary residents in Cambodia who work like a tourist fisherman. They are not entitled to social security benefits, nor are they protected by the government. With the name of overseas Vietnamese, when they return, they have no identity papers, no money, no property, no land or house. The people here have a very pitiful situation living only in makeshift shacks. They mainly do the job of casting nets to live a precarious life during the water season. Undocumented and poor, most of their children can’t go to school and have to sell lottery tickets for a living!