Visit to Tay Ninh Province

Tony Ly

May 4, 2022

Ta Do Hamlet, Tan Commune, Tan Chau District City, Tay Ninh Province, May 12, 2016

Recalling the image of innocent children holding bags of candies, Tony felt the sadness that is evident everywhere as he heard one child shyly ask for a bag of treats. We can only shed tears when we found out that the children do not even have household registration or birth certificates.

The mission was to visit and give gifts to children of families living in makeshift huts around Dau Tieng Lake. Their main source of living is fishing. It was unfortunate to see how they strive to survive life below the margin. However, as we gave out clothes, kites, and candies, especially to the children, the realization of simple happiness was real. We could only hope for the best as we continue to extend help to these families.