Xuan yeu thuong – Thuong ve Daklak – Daklak Province

Tony Ly

April 21, 2022

1. Nguyen Du Primary School, Cuprao Town, Madrak District – DakLak Province, January 28, 2021

This is an elementary school with students whose families are living under poverty line. The school was formerly wooden and was built recently. Although living in difficult circumstances, the children study very well. They obediently listen to their teachers. It must be said that this is probably a national standard school but with the highest percentage of poor students.

When we arrived, the children lined up and sat up straight with their arms crossed and very polite. They looked really cute! The children were very happy when they received new bags, new notebooks and sweets. The children said that that was the first time they have received so many gifts. They spoke in a very grateful and polite way.

2. Cuprao Town People’s Committee Madrak District – DakLak Province, January 28, 2021

We went back for the 2nd time since our last visit last 2019, because we really think that this place really needs attention. The situation of the people is very pitiful. There are many children who also need help. Because this is a remote area, very few people know about their situation. The elderly are very friendly and happy to receive the gifts from TMT FOUNDATION. Although it was very hot and sunny, they all lined up neatly and orderly to wait for their turn. They said that since they were born, only TMT FOUNDATION has given them so many gifts.

Cu Prao commune in M’Drak district, Dak Lak province is a purely agricultural place. They produce mainly short-term agricultural crops such as: Sugarcane, beans, cassava and maize. It is a commune in one of the most remote areas in Daklak Province. Every year, it often rains for a long time, causing serious crop damages. People often lose their incomes. In fact, children lack many things. Schools are far from home and roads and bridges are often flooded in winter. The rain affected the children’s studies because they could not go to school, mainly the Ede, Tay, Nung ethnic groups.

3. Pham Hong Thai Primary School Cuprao Town, Madrak District – DakLak Province, January 28, 2021

As a primary school for children of ethnic minorities such as the Ede, Tay, Nung ethnic groups. The school is located deep in the deserted streets, between the arid land and the hot sun. Children are deprived both physically and mentally. So when we handed out the packages we wanted to give them, their faces lighted up with the sweetest smiles.

4. Nguyen Khuyen Secondary School Cuprao Town, Madrak District – DakLak Province, January 28, 2021

This is a high school, with a high percentage of students in poverty, located in the center of the commune. Although the children are very eager to learn, because of their poverty and the bad climate, they are often affected by storms which greatly impacts their education!

We were very impressed by the warm welcome with lively musical performances from the children. The children are always optimistic and happy when receiving gifts from TMT FOUNDATION. Many children receive gifts and then stay and talk to us, it’s very cute.